Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Sight Word Fun

Summer is a time for relaxation and taking breaks!  But all to often, we see our students return to school in the fall, victims of the Summer Slide!  Don't let your kiddos fall behind this summer.  Reading is so important to maintain fluency and retain sight word vocabulary! Here are some tips to keep your child from slipping!  

  • Make sure your child has an active library card and VISIT the library!  This is a luxury in our communities that is rarely tapped into by our students.  What a great lesson in the importance and value placed on offer books for FREE!  Often your local library will sponsor a reading program for the summer, too!
Here's a free summer reading challenge to do with your kids this summer!
  • Have an "On the Go Library" waiting in the car!  Don't reach for the DVD player on those trips around town! Have your child create a basket or bin of his/her favorite books!  When you are running errands or driving to and from activities, your child will have a go to assortment of books!  
  • Lead by example. When your child is reading, show them that it something that the family can enjoy. Pick up a book and read along with them, or, get engrossed in one of the books that have been sitting on your reading list.
  • Build time into your family’s daily schedule for reading. 
  • Keep reading aloud to your child. Not only will you model fluency, but your child may just slow down long enough to snuggle! 
  • Play games to keep learning fun and kiddos engaged!  Kids learn through play so make learning fun! Practicing sight words is no different! Make it fun with games, games, games! All you need is a die and something to write with!  I've just updated an oldie but a goody!  Print the only pages you want your child to practice!

Students can play solo or with a partner.

Above all, keep it fun!  Reading shouldn't be a chore!  So keep reading and have fun this summer!