Saturday, December 9, 2017

The 12 Days of Giving Day 6

Day 6
Welcome back and thanks for hopping over to the blog!  I hope you and your students are enjoying the daily freebies!  

Today's freebie is a Gingerbread themed Color by Code Addition Worksheet! Now, I'm not a huge worksheet fan!  However, kids do enjoy coloring and it's so good for their fine motor development! I started creating these for my students last year!  I created worksheets for reinforcing math strategies that we were learning at the time.  My students enjoyed discovering what the completed picture would look like.  So then I got the bright idea to make Color by Code worksheets for sight word reinforcement, also!  

My students LOVE color by code worksheets!  Seriously!  They get so disappointed when I don't put one in our math tubs or word work!  Click on the picture above to download your freebie!

I hope your students will enjoy this freebie!  

You may want to check out the resources below so your students can have fun while practicing skills during the crazy days before the holiday break!

On Sale December 9-10!

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