Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Wow!  We've been having fun around my house decorating and getting those eggs ready for tomorrow!  I love Spring and all things 
Easter!  And, I love a sale!  

I'm joining other teacher authors and we're throwing a hashtag sale! Enter the #easterbunny to get 20% selected products!  
My entire store will be on sale April 16-17!   

26 Days?!

When I head back into the classroom next week, I will have 26 school days remaining!  26!!!  That's crazy!  I know I feel this way every year, but I've got so much left to teach these little first graders!  Plus, I secretly don't want them to leave me.  I keep acting excited for them that they are almost second graders, but I would really like to do a class-wide retention!

I've created some new resources recently, due to the needs of my students.  I hope these might be helpful for your students, also! 
This is a great time to grab some resources!  I'm joining a group of TpT authors for a hashtag sale!  

What's a hashtag sale, you ask?  Well, simply search #easterbunny and products featured in this sale will pop up!  Easy Peasy!

Here are a few of my newest resources that I've added or updated recently!  If you already own them, please be sure to re-download!

My students love Math Coloring Sheets!  

These are perfect for Spring and are differentiated for your students' varying needs! These are great for math tubs, math journals (just cut out and glue in), early finishers, and independent work!


Our next big unit of study is Rainforest!  

I love ending the year with this topic and all the fun things that we do with it!  We do animal research, talk about conservation, write reports and have so much fun!  

But I also continue to reinforce the basics. I use the Fix-its below to reinforce writing conventions while introducing facts about the rainforest!  My students get some much-needed reinforcement
and practice with capitals and punctuation while learning some interesting facts!

And more math coloring sheets....Rainforest Themed! 

Here are more Rainforest Themed resources that we'll be using beginning next week!  

I love the Fill-it-ins for our morning routine and for our math tubs!  
This resource has lots to offer to help your students review and practice the concept of 10 more/10 less! 

My kids are going to be thrilled when I add these Rain Forest themed Scripts to our read with a buddy tub!

My entire store will be on sale April 16-17 so HOP over and find some great deals at 20% off!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What did you do at school today?

My students and I reconnected today, after our week long Spring Break, sharing about our time away and vacation activities.  We settled right back into our daily routine and I realized how far my first graders have come!

We were gone for a week and after a few moments of reconnecting, they were so comfortable to get back to work!  It was great to see and feel the atmosphere in our little classroom.

I get so excited and proud of my students.  I just know they must run home at the end of the day and share all of the wonderful things we did!  Well, actually, this doesn't happen very often, if ever!

How often do you hear from families, that students simply reply, "nothing" or "I forgot?"

To facilitate this conversation, I do a "Daily Wrap-up" with my students.  We meet on the carpet before the end of the day and share about all the things we did during the day! I record the students' responses on chart paper or the whiteboard.  This happens right before they are dismissed, so, hopefully, they won't forget EVERYTHING before they see their families!

Just to make sure, I snap a picture of this chart and upload it to Seesaw right away!  The parents are expecting it and can use this to ask and probe for details!  It's a great way to help your parents feel connected with what is happening in the classroom, but also to help students develop the skill to explain a series of events with detail!

What do your students say at the end of each day?

Are you using Seesaw this year?  If not, give it a try!  This is my first year using this app and did I mention it's FREE!  Yay!

Scan this QR code to get a free month of the Seesaw Plus version!