Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What did you do at school today?

My students and I reconnected today, after our week long Spring Break, sharing about our time away and vacation activities.  We settled right back into our daily routine and I realized how far my first graders have come!

We were gone for a week and after a few moments of reconnecting, they were so comfortable to get back to work!  It was great to see and feel the atmosphere in our little classroom.

I get so excited and proud of my students.  I just know they must run home at the end of the day and share all of the wonderful things we did!  Well, actually, this doesn't happen very often, if ever!

How often do you hear from families, that students simply reply, "nothing" or "I forgot?"

To facilitate this conversation, I do a "Daily Wrap-up" with my students.  We meet on the carpet before the end of the day and share about all the things we did during the day! I record the students' responses on chart paper or the whiteboard.  This happens right before they are dismissed, so, hopefully, they won't forget EVERYTHING before they see their families!

Just to make sure, I snap a picture of this chart and upload it to Seesaw right away!  The parents are expecting it and can use this to ask and probe for details!  It's a great way to help your parents feel connected with what is happening in the classroom, but also to help students develop the skill to explain a series of events with detail!

What do your students say at the end of each day?

Are you using Seesaw this year?  If not, give it a try!  This is my first year using this app and did I mention it's FREE!  Yay!

Scan this QR code to get a free month of the Seesaw Plus version!