Sunday, February 24, 2013

Owl Pellets

This year, my teaching partners and myself rearranged our year long plan in order to teach our National Symbols unit around Election time.  But, I have struggled with this plan all year.  I am such a creature of habit, clearly.  I'm the only one in my class having a hard time with the change, because obviously the students don't know any differently.  So, currently, we are in the middle of our Owl Unit (which should be in October).  The kids are having a blast.

Our chart for what we want to know about owls!

Bones and fur!
We invited our 5th Grade big buddies to help us dissect owl pellets!  We sorted and counted our bones. We made predictions and recorded our findings in our owl pellet booklets.

We finished up our "Fun Froggy Friday" with a great owl art project we found on Pinterest.

These direct draw owls were done on dictionary pages!  We will finish them this week by coloring in the feathers!  I'll post a completed project this week.

I'm off to have dinner and get some sleep!  Have a wonderful last week of February!