Monday, January 20, 2014

Long Weekend!

This is a personal post today!   I am trying to create more balance between teaching and family! I spent some good quality time with my friends and family...and had a great weekend with my daughters and friends!

We started with Dinner our with the family on Thursday evening!  Just my hubby and my girls!  It was nice.  We went to our family's favorite local Italian restaurant and sat in our favorite booth!  Aaron Rodgers is from our little town and this signed jersey is framed and hanging in the booth!

 On Saturday we all got together with friends and enjoyed a BBQ with yummy smores!  We had this lovely campfire!

We took a hike in our lovely city's treasure,  Bidwell Park.
My oldest triplet daughter and two great friends and teaching colleagues!

Poor California is experiencing quite a drought, but usually the background would be greener!  Also, we would not normally be wearing short sleeves and enjoying 75 degree weather in mid--January! What is up with the weather?  We enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

My youngest daughter found this gorgeous weather to be just the right time to clean the bunny cage and let the bun-buns run in the yard!  Then there was still some time for bunny cuddles!  So cute...doesn't she look exhausted?  She worked out 2 hours today...her first day of practice on the gymnastics team!

I'll try to have a post from the classroom this week!  We have been busy with our penguin adventures and learning about my favorite little birds!

Enjoy your week!