Monday, March 9, 2015

Number Club!

After music today, the kids returned to the classroom only to find caution tape all over the door.


 When they entered I revealed that we would be building numbers and... ​building numbers we did!

 The kids are using beans and popsicle sticks to physically build numbers on a place value mat. When we have ten beans in the ones place, we glue them to a stick and move it to the tens place. Well, we had quite a few kiddos who made it way past ten today! 

The kids were so excited to build numbers today, we got a little carried away and worked on it all through the Daily 5 time...their choice! The goal is to build our numbers to 120...we have several kiddos who are far beyond! I love the enthusiasm and also the "lightbulbs" that are going on! It's amazing how even though some of the students can write the numbers and solve equations using the numbers, it is still a struggle to build the numbers. This is a great activity to reinforce this skill!

My grade level team teacher, Renee Dooly, created this resource to use with this activity!

If you are looking for a way to reinforce place value, try out this product!  

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