Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 More Days!

I'm not complaining!  Really.  We have 5 more days...and then sweet summer!  Oh man, it cannot come fast enough.  I am soooooo ready for a break!  Don't get me wrong, I have a sweet little group of kiddos this year.  Yes, they give me a run for my money every now and then, but they are very sweet!

This year has been the hardest year in my teaching career.  Not because of my students, but because of the changes at our school.  I think we all underestimated the amount of stress we would be under during the construction and changes at our school.

Our playstructure had to be removed due to the construction.  Half of our campus was fenced off and temporary buildings were brought in to house classrooms.  Since March we have been crammed on half of our campus.  Our soccer field is now lovingly known as the "dust bowl" due to its extensive overuse!

Now add to this stress, Open House last week, end of the year play tomorrow, last day of school June 5, 8th grade graduation June 6, and my room has to be packed by that afternoon!  I have three daughters graduating!  Soooo I'm just a little stressed, but I'm not COMPLAINING!  If I repeat this enough, surely it will be true!  Right?

I'm definitely Summer Dreamin'!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!  We hope you all had a wonderful day!  We celebrated my daughters' birthdays as well today!  My hubby picked out the perfect cake!

They made this beautiful sweet of them to all work on it together!

I loved sharing their day with them...technically their birthday is tomorrow, but we are all together today and they wanted to celebrate before big sis went back to school tomorrow!

So with only 18 days left in our school year, we are gearing up for the last few weeks.  Yikes! Assessments,  report cards, end of the year awards, and volunteer gifts!  So much to do!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

TpT Sale!!!

Have you heard the great news?  TpT is having a sale!  The sale officially starts on Tuesday May 6 and goes through Wednesday!  Our store is on sale now...just to give you a head start!  Take a look at all the great new resources we've uploaded and get your shopping cart ready!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently!

We're joining Farley's May Currently! We haven't linked up in a long time so here goes! 

Susan is currently...

Listening: My girls and I love Netflix!  We find a series and watch without commercials.  I don’t really watch!  I listen while they watch and I work on the computer!  It’s still fun!

Loving: This has been a hard year due the construction at our school!  My weekends away from school have become precious! I am loving my couch and computer!

Thinking: about my mother, a lot!  She passed away two years ago and Mother’s Day is next weekend!  This holiday is a little harder than normal, now!

Of course, I am a mother so it’s a happy day.  In addition to celebrating my own Mother's Day, my girls' birthdays are on May 12th. Since they were born so close to Mother's Day, their birthday has always trumped my celebration!  

Wanting: a break from school and home...Do you think it would be possible to get a full time cook, maid, gardener, driver...

Needing: support and encouragement!  I love teaching and creating resources for my classroom.  It's my hobby now as well as my job!  But, my husband just sees it as "playing on the computer." A little support here, please!

Surprise:  My surprise is for one of my favorite bloggers, Laura Schachter.
...I stalk her and I don't even think she knows! :)  She has wonderful ideas and resources...she is so check our her products and ideas here.  You’ll definitely want to check out her blog, Differentiation Station Creations!

Try this freebie that's available in her fantastic store!

and Käri is currently...

Listening:  I’m so glad the weather is warm enough now for the kids to swim.  They almost never fight in the pool – its good clean fun most of the time!  It wears them out too so bedtime is nice and easy! 

Loving: Saturday is my favorite day!  No worries about next week at school and a sense of accomplishment for having made it through the week! 

Thinking:  Laundry is never far from my thoughts.  With nine kiddos, there is always a mountain of laundry to do on the weekends.  Thankfully I have two sets of washers and driers!

Wanting:  Summer break is just around the corner and I can’t wait for the freedom!

Needing:  My kids woke me up at 6 this morning, dying to go out to breakfast.  We all got dressed and headed out.  Now I’m pooped and a nap sure would help me perk up!

Surprise:  My surprise is for one of my favorite bloggers...I stalk her and I don't even think she knows! :)  She has wonderful ideas and resources...she is so check our her products and ideas here.  You’ll definitely want to check out her blog, Fantastic First Grade Froggies!

You’ll definitely want to check out her blog!  Check out her no prep pack for May!  It's a lifesaver!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the other blogs that linked up with Farley this month!

Susan and Käri