Monday, April 21, 2014

Half Price Bundle!

We are making an end of the month push to sell as many bundles as possible!  If you haven't purchased your bundle to Help Henry, don't miss this opportunity!  You will be helping a sweet little boy and his family get through a medical crisis!  Read more about Henry and his progress!

This bundle is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!  You really do need to grab it while it's half price.  

30 Teachers have joined together and donated well over $100 worth of teaching products for this fundraiser!  You can have all of these for your $20  $10 donation to Help Henry! Your donation will go to help Henry’s family pay for the numerous plasma transfusions and medical attention required to help little Henry get well.

Just look at who contributed!  These are some amazing products...

You can also make a donation in any amount by simply clicking on the donate button at the top left of our blog.  Anything helps!

Thank you for helping out!  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And this Bundle just keeps getting better...

Hi Friends,

So we've shown you 25 amazing products so far!  And they just keep coming...Remember you get all of these products, 30 in all, just for donating $20 to help a little boy!  Henry is a sweet little 

What's included:
~Lily pad and frog tens and ones practice
~Counting by 10s practice
~Decomposing teen numbers with ladybugs
~Buzzin through the 2s with bees
~Where is the bee? Emergent reader with positional practice
~7 Math Word Problems
~Which Number is Greater (0-10)
~Count to 100 by 1s~ Writing #s Practice
~Addition within 5
~Subtraction within 5
~Name the Number that is one more
~Count and Match Numbers
~Represent Numbers as 10s and 1s
~This Bee Knows 3D
~Greater than, Less than, or Equal to?
~What's Next? Write the numbers that come next

Mr. Elementary from Oregon has donated a set of his flashcards!  You have to head over to his store to see his assortment of flashcard games! 

This is a set of 32 opposites flashcards that you can use with your students while learning opposites. These cards are a fun way for students to memorize and conceptualize the concept of not just different, but opposites.

Jordan over at Teaching in the Primary Grades has a cute blog you'll want to check out for sure!  And this adorable game is perfect for practicing time with your students!

Your students will love learning to tell time with this fun "I Have Who Has" game. This game is aligned to the first grade common core (1.MD.B.3.) and reviews telling time to the hour and half hour on both analog and digital clocks. 

In this download you will receive 24 different game cards (enough for 24 players) and game instructions. 

Scoot is an exciting way to get your class moving and working at the same time. 
This product includes word cards for beginning blends and diagraphs.  This product includes the following blends and digraphs!

l- blends: fl, cl, gl, sl, pl, bl
r- blends: br, tr, gr, dr, cr, fr, pr
s- blends: sn, sm, sk, sw, sc, st, sp
diagraphs: sh, th, wh, ch

And last but NOT LEAST is a donation from my co-worker and great friend, Renee!  She is the blogger behind Fantastic First Grade Froggies and the creator of Find, Tally and Graphs!  This is a popular activity in our classrooms!  You should definitely head over to her blog and her store to check out what she's been up to! 

I want to thank all of the fantastic bloggers and creative teachers that donated their products to this fundraiser!  I hope you will support them and also head over to our fundraiser site and make a donation to Help Henry!  If you aren't able to donate $20, you can donate any amount at our blog.  Just click the "donate" button!  All donations go into a special "paypal" account that is separate from our TpT store and all proceeds will go to Henry!  


Monday, April 14, 2014

Helping Henry and an Update!

I wanted to give y'all an update on Henry!  Since I live across the country, my updates come from Henry's Facebook Page and messages from family and friends.  Henry had physical therapy and speech today. He was apparently exhausted and very grumpy. He started waking up screaming in the middle of the night last night. More signs of his previous infusions wearing off. Poor little guy!    You can stay up to date on his progress and even leave a happy message for hime by going to his facebook page:  Healing4Henry.

And here are more previews of the amazing products available in the Helping Henry Fundraiser Bundle!

Jessica Plemons from Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten contributed some great activities for your math centers!

Each of the 11 centers includes an "I Can" sheet with picture cues to help students remember what to do. All of the centers are also easily differentiated for the different levels of students in your class. You can use different dice/dominoes/chips, or different sets of the cards that are included. 

Here is what is included:
Spinning Addition
Shaking Addition
Number Bond Sort
Addition Strategy Sort
Subtraction Strategy Sort
Add 3 Numbers Match
Roll and Add 3 Numbers
Fact Family Stars
Domino Addition and Subtraction
Five in a Row
Roll and Graph

Kristina Holst from Madame H contibuted this amazing resource for using Interactive Notebooks!  I don't know about you, but my students love their notebooks!

This is an interactive notebook of even and odd numbers 0-20 for students in kindergarten and first grade. The activities have two options: either a snail as the image or a butterfly as the image. It is important to note that the activities are identical, but the image changes depending on preference. Choose one version and have the entire class complete it, or allow students the choice of a snail or butterfly. The 27 page download includes the following activities:

p. 2: How to Guide

p. 3: Directions for attaching a flap book to a notebook

p. 4: Directions for attaching envelopes to a notebook

p. 5: Flap book for even numbers

p. 6: Flap book for odd numbers

p. 7-10: Flap book reveal for even and odd numbers with one version for snails and another for butterflies

p. 11: Envelopes for even and odd numbers

p. 12-15: Number cards 1-20 with tracing lines and without tracing lines for snails and butterflies

p. 16-19: Circle the even numbers/Circle the odd numbers for snails and butterflies

p. 20: Find the solution to the addition problem and color the even numbers

p. 21: Find the solution to the subtraction problem and color the odd numbers

p. 22: Find the solution to the addition problem and color the even numbers

p. 23: Find the solution to the subtraction problem and color the odd numbers 

p. 24: Fill in the missing even numbers 

p. 25: Fill in the missing odd numbers 

p. 26: Fill in the missing even numbers 

p. 27: Fill in the missing odd numbers 

p. 28: Color the number


Marlie from Curriculum to the Core donated this awesome hands on activities for the Butterfly LIfe Cycle!
Included in this fabulous resource:
Life Cycle 
10 page life cycle book
6 word wall cards
8 colorful posters to use to teach the life cycle
Butterfly life cycle ordering worksheet
Butterfly life cycle cards to use for making students own life cycle
Color pages
Butterfly life cycle ordering science center

I am so pleased with the products that are included in this fundraiser!  I hope that you will head over and make your donation!  Just click below!  Thank you!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Help Henry and I Spy Some Fantastic Products!

My Heart Belongs to Kindergarten has donated this adorable "I Spy" collection of printables!

This set includes printables for numbers 1 to 20. Plus, she's included pages for the following extra skills...
-even/odd numbers
-more than/less than 10
-counting by 5's/10's
-identifying number 100

Second up today is Happy Teacher, Happy Kids!
She has donated her April Reading Comprehension  packet which will certainly save you precious time this month with ready to print reading comprehension activities.  These activities coordinate perfectly with any spring story.  These are perfect for Reader's Workshop, reading response activities, your writing center, independent work or your fast finishers! 

And our last highlighted product for the day is from Big Idea Learning!

Mathematics and Literacy - fun and relevant? You bet, and hopefully this helps. This gorgeous unit of work covers many areas across the CCSS and Australian National Curriculum through 40 high-interest, engaging activity pages.

Thanks again to the fantastic teachers who are coming together to help little Henry!
Come back tomorrow to see who else is helping out!

Please click the picture above to follow the link to Help Henry and get your $20 bundle and the happy feeling that comes from doing a good thing!  :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Magic Egg!

This is a project we love to do every year with our kiddos!  I'm excited to connect it to our "shapes" unit in math this year!  We read Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco and then introduce the Magic Egg activity.  Here is a blog post from last year!  Enjoy!

Let us know how you like it!

Spotlight Students!

Star Attraction!  Student of the Week!  Beary Special Person!  Whatever we call it, it's one of those things that we have to do!  Each year we begin the year wanting to "highlight" one student a week and integrate it into our week!  And then reality hits and it become a chore!

I don't want any student to feel like they are not as special as the first etc...

This year our school wide theme is "Reaching for the Stars!"  We put the "Hollywood" spin on this and ran with it.  From our "popcorn" tubs at Daily 5 to our recess being called "intermission"!  It's been a fun theme.  So when it came time for "Student of the Week" we wanted to make it special.

We found these posters at the local Teacher Supply Store .
 They were perfect for our theme and for our first graders.  Each child took home a poster and decorated it.  Then these became our room decor after our big move into our temporary buildings.  It really gave the rooms a good look and the kids had immediate ownership!

Each week two students get to share the Spotlight!  They share their posters and get to be interviewed by their classmates.  Then we share "compliments" about the "spotlight" students!  Instead of making a book for each student, we are making movie!  Well, a film!  Ok, it only looks like film.

The "Spotlight" Person gets to decorate the "cover"!

An amazing crafty parent at our school, just happened to have 60 empty ribbon rolls!  Who knew one would keep these, but I'm glad she did!  She just knew they looked like something the first grade teachers could use!  And use them we are!  They are perfect for creating a "movie".  
Each student completes one page.  They write a compliment about the "Spotlight" Student!  The pages are glued together and the cover attached.  Then the strip is attached to the reel! becomes a movie about the child!

That's it for now...Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ready for more products...

Over the past several days I've highlighted many of the wonderful teachers and their products that have been donated to the Helping Henry Fundraiser.  Here are a few more...

This is Kyp McLaren from Mrs. McLaren's Little Super Stars has donated one of her Inferring products.  This product is perfect for the common core skill of inferring and insects offer a high interest topic for our students.

Next up is K's Kreations!
She has donated the following spring themed math product!  This is perfect for math centers and for your kiddos to practice 10 more and 10 less!  Click the cover photo below to check out this produt!  It's so adorable!

Finally, Ashley Cook from Teaching in Bronco Country has donated her Career Days Mini-Unit!

I love the adorable clip art in this product!  This three day lesson invites parents or guests into the classroom to speak about careers!  Students dress up as their favorite career profesionals.  Also included are teacher notes, a writing prompt, parent letter, career book, homework assignment, and exit slip! 

Check out these products and stores!  Then head over to Helping Henry and grab this $20 bundle and Help Henry!  

Thanks again!