Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 More Days and a Freebie!

I'm getting so excited for Summer!  We only have 8 more days!  Today we popped our 2nd balloon..."Use pens for the day!" My students loved this!  I had purchased some pens awhile back in lots of different colors.  I let them use their pens to write their "Weekend News" and they were thrilled! We always use pencil, of course.  I collected the pens at the end of the day so I can tie them to their summer journals I'll be giving them!  I'll try to post about the summer journals before the weekend.

Read about my classroom countdown to summer here.  I've fixed the download issue, so you should be able to download quickly!

My kiddos' behavior has really been going downhill, so today I took a deep breath and remembered that I need to let them move!  I think I've been trying so hard to "keep things structured" that we haven't been moving enough.  So today we played "Scatter and Roll"!  It's a variation of four corners.  I've included a free download here.  Give it a try and see if your students behavior improves when you give them a little time to move!  It works wonders in my class!

Have a great Wednesday!

Freebie Fridays

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wow!  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of school activities!  I have been so busy getting the kiddos ready for Open House, which was last Thursday, end of the year plays and fitting in assessments.  Thankfully, Open House went well!

Now we are on the countdown to the end of the year!  A few years ago, I saw a post on Pinterest about counting down the last 10 days.  I love it and it keeps the kids excited!

So each day we pop a balloon!  Inside each balloon is a special activity that we do for the day!  Of course, being a control freak, I make sure that I plan ahead what each balloon's activity will be and number the balloons!

Here is a freebie for you to try it out!  Even if you only have 5 days left...try it out!  It's fun for the kiddos and keeps it fun in the classroom during the last few hectic days of the year!

Have a great weekend!

Rainforest Field Trip

Two weeks ago we took a field trip to the rainforest!  Well, we couldn't really go to the rainforest so we did the best we could!  We have a hidden gem in our community:  The Barry R. Kirschner Foundation.   This wildlife sanctuary also serves as an educational park and research center.  It is home to numerous wild and exotic animals that for varying reasons are not able to be released into the wild.  It provides a great connection for the kiddos to see some of the amazing animals we have been learning about in class.

After an amazing and educational field trip on Wednesday of that week, we had a full morning Fire Safety Assembly on the following Thursday. It was well organized and a fun experience for the kids.  We had the fire safe house, summer water safety stations, poisons, park safety and a fire truck tour.  Unfortunately, the fire truck was called away twice, so we missed that station.  It was a great day!

What's the plan for next week!  I have to get ready for the end of the year report cards, and practice our end of the year play!  How do you get all of those assessments done while having a fun end of the year with your students.  I just want to have fun with them!


Saturday, May 18, 2013


I'm so thankful for the weekend!  My girls and I are getting a pedicure today. I am looking forward to some relaxation. With only 14 days of school remaining, I'm a little stressed!  How are you handling the end of the school year craziness?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Sorry, it's been awhile!  I did make it back from Alaska!  It was amazing and I absolutely loved it!  I can't wait to go back for longer than 36 hours.  My daughter has yet to make a decision so I can't report anything there, but I don't regret a minute of my trip!  I feel like I should start a blog about being the mother of a high school senior...it is busy and very unpredictable!

On the school front, my first graders are exploring the rainforest!  This is another of my favorite units to teach.  The possibilities are endless.  We start at the top and work our way down to the forest floor.
We learn the characteristics of each layer and the animals that live in each layer.  I am mad at myself for not taking pictures!  Today I will take some to post!  We leave on a field trip this morning to our local gem:  The Barry R Kirschner Wildlife Foundation!  This is an amazing place.  Take a look!

If you are looking for some Rainforest Themed Goodies, here is what we are doing during literacy and math tubs:


I'll post pictures from our field trip today!  Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Are You Ready for a Sale?

Yay!.....it's time for a site wide sale on TpT!  I love that it is in honor of US!  Teacher Appreciation!  The site wide sale begins on the 7th, but you can shop my store early if you just can't wait!  :-)

I'm leaving for ALASKA tonight!  That's right, ALASKA!  I can't believe it!  I've wanted to go to this amazing state all of my life!  Well, it took my daughter getting a recruit trip to make it happen for me!  I couldn't be prouder of her!  She plays high school volleyball and recently played in a tournament in Reno where she caught the eye of the head coach from UAF (that's Fairbanks)!  We are going to see the campus and meet the team!  I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share when I return.

Since, I'll be gone for a few days, I'm starting the sale a little early!

Beginning Tuesday, you can enter the code below for up to 28% off!  I've got a looooonnnnnggggg wishlist! I can't wait to go shopping!

I've just added a Bundled item to my store!  The bundle includes two of my center card games and two bonus center activities that are rainforest themed!  This is a great way to try out my card games and with the sale, you are getting all three products for less than the cost of 2!  

Here are a few other suggestions from my store!

Have fun shopping!