Thursday, June 30, 2016

All American Resources!


Howdy, y'all!  I'm linking up with Kari B. Camp at Adventures in Elementary for her 4th of July product link up!  This is a fun linky with some great products featured!  I'm thinking ahead to this year's election in November!  There are some fun activities to incorporate into my literacy and math tubs!  Take a look and check out some of these great products!

I'm featuring my American Symbols Themed Math Coloring Sheets!  These are great for number sense practice.  Students identify numbers on the hundreds chart and color by code revealing a hidden picture!

Independence Day Sale

I'm putting ALL of my Math Coloring Sheet resources American Symbol themed products on sale for the weekend!  Check out my store July 1-5th for some All American Savings!  Happy Birthday, America!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Augmented Reality for Writer's Workshop

Welcome to Techy Tuesday!   I want to share some recent discoveries for the classroom and specifically Writer's Workshop!

I recently discovered some great Augmented Reality Apps!  Doesn't that sound super Techy?  It's so techy and soooo easy! In fact, your students have probably already discovered some of these apps! Follow along and be patient with me!  You'll love this for writer's workshop!

First, download this app! It's FREE!

Then using the app, "scan" the picture of the Incredibles (the target image)!

Target Image
You should see a video of Mrs. Incredible at a dance party with some cute kiddos!  You have to hold your device over the "target image" while viewing the video!  Isnt' it cool!  

Okay, so how do you apply this to Writer's Workshop?  Kids can upload videos of themselves telling a story about the "target image" or write a story about the "target image" and read it on video! Students love to share and listen to each others stories! This would be a fun way to share weekend or vacation news!  How fun is that?

I plan to have my students use this app to define vocabulary words to enhance our thematic studies! I'm so excited to use this in the fall!

The following app works the same way, except the image is already embedded with an augmented reality image.  This still provides a fun, engaging way to inspire young writers!  Students color the picture and write a story about what is happening in the revealed image or video!  Students are probably using this app already!  Crayola offers a HUGE selection!


Well, that's it for this Tuesday!  I'll be back next week with more techy discoveries!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Digital Portfolios - Techy Tuesday

Welcome to Techy Tuesday!  I do need to make a little disclaimer  here:  I am not a Techy Teacher, BUT I love discovering and learning how to include purposeful technology in my classroom!  What better time to explore than during the summer!

Let's start with Digital Portfolios:

Our students create amazing projects to demonstrate their learning.  A Digital Portfolio is an electronic collection of student work and performance over time.  Portfolios make classroom learning more accessible to parents by providing a window into student learning. 

Last year I used the app, FreshGrade, to keep digital portfolios of my students' work.  This app was also wonderful for increasing school to home communication.  This app is extremely easy to use!  I took pictures of my students and their work throughout the day.  Parents were able to have a window into their child's school world immediately!

Last week I discovered another app with a similar purpose.   SeeSaw appears to be well suited for Primary!  This app is user friendly for teachers and students.  In addition to keeping student work in digital portfolios, parents are notified each time a new item is added and can immediately leave comments.  Students can add their own work, pictures, or videos and after teacher approval is posted!  And it works with IOS and Android!  This app also has a classroom blog feature!

Have you used either of these apps?  Do you have any other discoveries?  Please leave a comment with your favorite apps for digital portfolios!

Check back each Tuesday this summer to discover a Technology Tidbit!  Take the time to explore and become familiar with some new apps to include in your classroom next year!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Scoop

I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio to share my Sunday Scoop! 

I'm getting ready for 2 vacations and have so much to do!  3 things I HAVE to do today...

  1. The never ending pile of laundry...except it has to get done so it can go in the suitcase!
  2. Which leads me to my second HAVE to...pack!  I have to fit 2 weeks worth of clothes into 1 suitcase...times 4 girls!  YIKES!  
  3. I really don't want to leave the house a wreck (which is its current state)!  My poor husband does not get to go with us for our trip back home.  He doesn't get summers off :(  Straightening the house all day!
I'm hoping to grab some time to enjoy some coffee with my BFFs before I leave for two weeks.  I know it's supposed to be 2 things I hope to do, but I am hoping to get coffee with both of my BFFs!  I need a little grown up conversation time and want to connect with them before I leave!

And last, but not least...Father's Day!  We are huge Disney Fans and haven't been able to carve out time for the new Dory movie!  So, Happy Father's Day!  We're going to the movie!  I'm pretty sure he's just as excited as we should be a fun time!  I can't wait for him to open his present...the girls picked out a Steph Curry Warriors Blanket!  LOL!

What is on your to do list for Sunday?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Direct Drawing with Students

I love to do directed draws with my students....except I'm not the best artist.  I know we teach our kids that we are all great artists, but really, I just can't!  I've found a way around it!  I discovered an amazing website during this last school year!  I have to share it with you!   But, I'll give you a fair warning...once you introduce this to your students, they'll want more!  The artist behind this channel is a father and he draws with his kids during the videos!  The great thing about it is he draws the picture step by step, right along with his kids.  There are natural pauses in the video so your students can draw right along with the video!  When we do this in my classroom, it is SILENT!

New videos are posted daily throughout the week and this artist is current!  He just posted "How to Draw Dory!"

 Click the picture below to head over to this YouTube Channel. 

 Art for Kids Hub is a website also!  

If YouTube is blocked at your school site, you can use SafeShare to create a safe link!  I like to use SafeShare simply because it eliminates the ads from the sidebar!  

Check out the channel this summer so you can plan how to incorporate some fun art into your lessons!  Have Fun!  I've even been know to play these art lessons at home with my teenage daughters!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Technology in the Classroom

I'm blogging at Classroom Tested Resources today!

Do your students enjoy using iPads and tablets in the classroom?   
Hop over and check out my post!