Sunday, April 17, 2016

Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Friday!  I love celebrating Earth Day!  It's a kick off to our big conservation unit!  We are headed to the Worm Farm on Thursday morning, followed by "Worm Stations" that afternoon!  It's sure to be the best day ever!  Or so I've heard in years pasts!

We make "Worm Dirt Cups" (yum), "Worm Buddies", "Worm Anatomy Book Covers" and color a cute worm book!  Yep!  Best day ever!
So, this unit starts with a trip to the worm farm to learn about worms from Farmer Mark!  Then we come back to class and explore worms up close in the afternoon.   We measure our worms and described how they look, feel, smell and sound!  

Worm book coloring station!
We measured our worms!
We made worm buddies!
We drew the worm anatomy!
After we explore our worms and measure them, we put them to work in our school garden!  Our garden teacher loves the new residents each year!  

So I guess it really is the Best Day Ever!  But not just for the students!  :)
Here is a Freebie for you to use this week!  Grab some worms and celebrate these helpers of the Earth!  

I have some other resources that I'll be using this week!  Check 'em out!  Just click the picture!  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poetry Month!

April is Poetry Month!  I'm blogging over at Classroom Tested Resources today with an idea for Poem in Your Pocket Day!  Hop over for your freebie!

Enjoy the Day!