Monday, June 18, 2018

Hello Again!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve found my little piece of the internet!  I started this blog years ago to share the happenings in my first grade classroom...but clearly, I haven’t kept up with it!  Truthfully, I’ve had a couple of tough years and really needed to focus on school, my classroom and my students!

Let me re-introduce myself!  I am a first grade teacher of 20-22 little humans depending on the year! I teach at a charter school in Northern California and  I absolutely love my job! I am also a wife and mother to 4 beautiful, wonderful daughters, and one elderly chihuahua/terrier! I’m also a bit of a Disney enthusiast!

Soap Box: Just to clarify, charter schools are PUBLIC schools, and depend on taxpayer money to operate! I add that clarification because of our current political climate!  I believe as educators, we all need to support each other! So whether you teach in a public school, charter school, private school or homeschool, WELCOME to my blog!

Summer Reading

As teachers we are always encouraging a reading culture in our classrooms! I started the summer re-reading Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisper.

 I was once again inspired by her “book a day” challenge/movement.  I’ve invited my classroom families to follow along on my IG this summer as I read and post my books of the day.

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Of course, I hope to encourage my current and former students to join in and read everyday this summer!  I’m also meeting my students at the library this summer. What do you do to keep your kiddos reading?