Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Sale!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for all of you!  To celebrate I am offering every item in my store at 20% off for Black Friday!  Then please come back for the Cyber Sale on December 2-3rd! 

These are a few of my newest products that your students may enjoy during the weeks of this 
Holiday Season!  

 Thanks for taking a peek in my store!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time To Be Thankful For...

I am linking up with Reading and Writing Redhead for her Time To Be Thankful For... Linky!  I truly am so thankful for all that I have and for my health and family. This year I am especially proud of my daughters.  They have come up with the idea of writing down all of the things we are thankful for and sharing at dinner on Thanksgiving Day!  I thought it was such a sweet idea...of course we've done a modified version of this in years past, but this year at 13, 13, 13, and 18, they suggested this!  I am thankful for such thoughtful daughters!  My oldest wants to get blank canvases and paint them with the list of things we are thankful for.  Neat idea!  I hope we get to Michael's tomorrow!

Here is my is only a partial list...I feel thankful for so much!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Math and Literacy Centers

Happy Monday evening! I had a great (but tiring) day with my firsties today!  It's always fun to see my little students reconnect on Mondays.  Today, they cracked me up as I introduced their new Word Work for the week.  They were chomping at the bit to start Daily 5!  

Do your students LOVE Daily 5 as much as mine?  I LOVE how excited they get to READ!!!  

Well, over the weekend, I promised some more pictures of my newest products!  Well, here they are!  I am excited about these. I printed and laminated everything today after school so I can get it all ready for my kiddos to use after the Thanksgiving Holiday.    

There is a little bit of everything in this bundle!  I'll have all of my word work tubs and math tubs prepped and ready!

Math Centers

Literacy Centers for Word Work Tubs

Cards for Write the Room and ABC Order

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Now Showing: Owls!

Owls!  That's all we can talk about in first grade these days!  My students are loving it.  Thursday is Art Day in our room and we were so excited to create these amazing collage owl faces!  Our art teacher is amazing!  Just look at these!

I love they way the look hanging around the classroom, although I do feel like I'm being watched!

This week we'll continue learning about these fine feathered friends, but will also get to enjoy lots of fun Thanksgiving themed activities. I'm using my teaching partner's great math products for my math tubs this week.  Click on the pictures to check out her store, Fantastic Froggies Here are my math tub activities for the week:

And this Freebie!

You can find all of these by clicking the pictures or by clicking this link

Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thanksgiving Thursday!

Here is a post from last year!  I'm glad I was going through my old posts.  Now I have plans for next week!  Ha!  Just kidding, but I am glad I was reminded of this cute idea and book!  I hope your students will enjoy it too! Click on the turkey to take you there....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Humpday!

This week has flown by...thank you short week!  I had a great  three day weekend and felt very rested, and I needed it to be ready for Tuesday.  It seemed like a Monday all day long!  I experienced Monday craziness.  My students were chatty little kiddos and all of my preps were changed!

Anyway,  we started our unit on Owls Friday!  Tuesday I did get to read Owl Babies!  My kiddos loved the book...every class does.  Bill is the favorite owlet every year.

Today we started to read Owls by Gail Gibbons.  We used sticky notes to record facts we learned about Owls today.

Friday we started this cute art project.

Of course, I came up with this beautiful art project all on my own!...NOT!  I found it on Pinterest, of course.  I'll post pictures of the finished project soon!  The owls are drawn on dictionary pages (scanned for inappropriate words...past experience), traced with sharpie and colored in with colored pencil.  They are beautiful!

By the way, can you remember what it was like to teach before Pinterest and TpT?  It's becoming a way of life now!  I am so thankful for both!

So now for my big reveal:  I am super excited to share two new products with you!  I love that they are completed for two reasons.  First, it's a great sense of accomplishment.  Second, I'm planned weeks ahead of time! (And you can be, too!)  Here's a peek at the covers.  I'll post pictures from my classroom when I get it all prepped!

But for now, click on the pictures above to check out the preview in my TpT store!  Thanks!  Have a great rest of your week!

Friday, November 8, 2013

We are celebrating all that we are thankful for and that includes teachers!  We want to show all of you how much we appreciate you.  Teachers do so much and this is our time to give back and say thank you!  Thank you for following!  Thank you for participating!  Thank you for collaborating!  Thank you for sharing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Join us by hopping through each blog and gathering lots of Thanksgiving and autumn freebies.  In each freebie you will find a picture of a pie with a word on it. That word will tell you something that teacher is thankful for.  Record all of the words on your recording sheet and follow each blog along the way so that you can enter the amazing giveaway at the end!

You may start anywhere along the hop, but if you would like to start at the beginning you may go here.  This is also where you will go in the end, for the giveaway!!

You have made it to blog stop number 3.

Welcome to my blog!   I am Thankful for all of my followers and visitors!  I'm so glad you hopped over for a special Thanksgiving Freebie for you and your students.  It is a Thanksgiving/Autumn themed version of a math tubs favorite!  My students love this activity.  First the kiddos use a clothespin to select and identify the correct answer, then they complete the coordinating cut and paste worksheet. 

Click on the picture below to download your freebie. 

Now hop over to stop #4 !

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Every week in First Grade is exciting and EXHAUSTING!  Some days I feel like I'm herding kittens!  I've neglected my blog a bit lately, but I absolutely LOVE my the exhaustion is worth it!

I don't want to forget to remind you about the upcoming Frenzy this weekend!  Get ready to download some great Thanksgiving and Fall themed Freebies!

I'm also participating in a blog hop you won't want to miss!

It will be a busy weekend for sure!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday!

This was a great week!  So many happy activities in First Grade this week!  I love busy, busy weeks, but boy are they exhausting!  Whew!

So here are my Five for Friday:

1.  Tuesday I attended a CCSS training with my teaching partners!  I don't typically like going to these "teacher trainings"but this one was different!  First, I attended WITH my team so we could discuss while we were there.  This was the first of the 3 trainings and as such was an introduction to the CCSS.  It was great!

2.  Wednesday was the 50th Day of school!  Need I say more?  We had so much fun celebrating the 50th day and 1950s.  This was our first year to celebrate this fun day and we did it in a big way!

So fun!  The kids loved it!

And  Thursday was Halloween...So we got to dress up not once this week, but TWICE!  

3.  I stayed home and passed out candy this year! 

 My husband walked the neighborhood with my daughters.  They are 13 and still get into it!  I love it!

Sherlock, Goldfish Cracker and FBI Agent!  Too cute!

I had two firsties come by and had a "special" treat for them.  This was my little helper in her BumbleBee Costume...complete with blinking wings!
This is my buddy, Brandy!  She helped pass out candy!

 My kiddos have severe allergies to this made my day!  Thank you Tootsie Roll!
This made my day!  I love it when companies explicitly label!
4.  I just finished 18 parent conferences!  TGIF!
5.  And my 5th is a biggie....Get ready for the Next Facebook Frenzy~

Have a great weekend!  I'm heading to SF to visit my oldest in college!  Yay!