Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Madeline in my class

A week ago Friday, one of my little darlings was admitted to the hospital to have her appendix removed!  I got the call on Saturday and of course headed to the hospital for a quick visit!  I stopped by the bookstore to pick up a copy of Madeline to give to her.  She recovered quickly and is back at school.  She brought her book into share with the class today and I read it to the class.  This little group just cracks me up every day!  After reading the book we went out for recess.  During recess, two of my little cuties went to the health aide to ask to have an appendix removed!  She explained that she isn't qualified to do that surgery!  So Funny!  Another fine example of why I love my job!  Everyday they make me smile!

We are having fun during these last few days before the vacation.  We go until December 21st.  Thank goodness, because we still have so many things to do!   My kiddos are really into my math coloring worksheets right now.  If you need a quick math center or your students need some practice with addition and subtraction take a look here at my TPT store.

This is for my students who want more of a challenge!  Addition and subtraction problems make them focus on the sign.  They also complete approximately 20 equations (per caroler) without realizing it!