Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Look

Did you notice a new look to my blog?  Well that's what taking a day off from school can allow one to do!  Yes, I'm playing hooky!  (With permission from my principal!)

Why is the teacher playing hooky?  My oldest daughter is nominated for Homecoming Queen at her high school!  This is so exciting for her and the whole family.  Back in high school, I wasn't nominated for anything, so this is new ground for me.  Back in the day (80s) we had a "Homecoming Dance" where the "Queen" was crowned.   Things have changed, at least locally, and this is nomination is for the honor of being the "Basketball Homecoming Queen" and there is no dance.  Which is just fine with my daughter!  17 years old and she has never had a boyfriend!  She is an old soul in  a young body and really thinks "high school dating" is too much drama!  I'd have to agree, but I do wish she could experience some of the drama before she is too far away in college!  I'd like to be here to help her through it.

Earlier this week, we picked out the dress and the shoes...gorgeous!  Her best friend was with us to help with the important decisions.  Her father was fitted for a tuxedo earlier this week, as he is her escort!

So what will happen tonight?  They will be taken with the other 2 nominees to have pictures taken, then to dinner and will arrive at the game at half time.  I'll meet them at the game.  I kind of feel out of the loop a little, but think this is such a special event to have with her dad!  What a great memory!

Any way, I took the day off so I can take her to get her hair done and also to watch the Rally at her high school.  Since I do teach full time, I've never attended a Rally and really want to before she graduates.  So today is the day, and luckily I have a new principal who is wonderful and understands that family is a priority!  (I should really post about the previous principal, but that might be "R" rated!)

So I know this is more personal than school related, but I hope to post pictures of my beautiful girl after the event tonight.

Check back later...

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