Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

I have been away from my "home sweet home" most of the summer!  Good grief!  When I stopped to think about it, I really haven't been in my home for more than 4 days this summer!  No, really!  OMG!  This summer has been jam packed with fun stuff, so I am not complaining, but I would like a little time to veg!

So, I just got back from The Extraordinary Educators Conference in Chicago, Il. It was my first time to Chicago and to this particular conference.  It was a blast!  I loved every session, every presenter and that beautiful city!  I learned so much and am still on overload.  I plan on going through my notes and rehashing those ideas for this school year.  I plan on tweaking my Math tubs, Writing Centers and integrating more technology for sure.

So, on the four hour airplane ride home, I pulled out my laptop and created some lesson plan templates.  We are not required to have lesson plans turned in or completed, but I always try to use a plan book.  It never works.  I always end up with notes scratched in spiral notebooks in various parts of the room.  Makes me sound unorganized (and maybe I am, just a little), but I always know what I'm teaching.  I'm going to try to USE my plan book this year.  And for me to use it, it better be fun and CUTE!  So, I used lots of color and made it work for my brain.  I thought I'd offer it for you, if you would like to try it.

I plan on taking it to Staples and having them color copy it front and back.  I'll add some other pages that I'm working on and then have them bind it or 3 hole punch it.  I'm still thinking about what I want.
I am working on a planning sheet for my math tubs and writing centers, too.

But for now here ya go!  I hope y'all can use it, too!
Click the picture to download this pdf!

Ok, now I'm off to pack for a weekend in SF with my family and then a late night with Hugh Jackman!  (oops, I meant The Wolverine premier!) ; )

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