Wednesday, October 30, 2013

50th Day of School!

Happy 50th Day!

That's right today was the 50th Day of school!  We had such a Nifty day!  
These lovely ladies are my teaching partners, Renee and Karin!  We had so much fun planning this fun day and experiencing the fun with the kiddos!  

We ordered matching 50s Day outfits - complete with poodle skirt, socks, shirt, scarf and glasses!  The kids all dressed up as well.  We had oodles of poodles (skirts that is) and greasers!  So fun to see the kiddos get into it the way they did.  

Of course, we had to hula hoop and play hopscotch!

 We used many of the activities from Renee's 50th Day Unit!

We measured with Tootsie Rolls, emphasizing non-standard units of measurement.

One of the parents let us borrow a record player and lots of records. We compared CDs, iPods and the record player.  This was a real hit with the kiddos.  We wrote about life in the 50s compared to life now.  We were so lucky to have so many parents volunteer to help out today.  We ended the day with Root Beer Floats and free play!  I'll try and post more pictures soon, but I'm exhausted!  And tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!  Really?  

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