Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Howdy Partner!

Well, if y'all are just tuning in you may have noticed a few changes to the ole Blog!  So, it's not perfect, but I'm really proud of it...because I did it on my own.  I had to muddle my way through Photoshop (which I am NOT real comfortable with) and tweak a few things with Powerpoint.  Then I had to fiddle around with blogger and facebook to determine sizes (which still aren't perfect) and WALA....this is the result!

Why the big change?  Well, we like to switch things up in our classrooms each year so why not have the blog theme coordinate?  And we thought it would be fun!  And, seriously, who can resist those adorable cowgirl frogs!

Our schoolwide theme this coming year is "Got Grit?" This is based on the many TED talks and educational articles.  Research has shown that students who learn to persevere, fall and get back up, make mistakes and keep trying are more successful in college and life!  All those researchers should have just ask a teacher!

Here is a short YouTube video that explains this concept briefly.  I am still becoming comfortable with the concept.

Here is another link if you are interested in more:

So how does this go with our new blog design?  Well the school wide theme is "Got Grit?" so our classroom / grade level them is "True Grit!".  We are incorporating the western theme (minus the Duke and any weapons).  Since I am  a Native Texan, I am eating this theme up!  Käri is getting into it as well!  We are both on the look out for some fancy cowboy boots to wear this year (more on thematic dressing later).

Please leave a comment...what do you think of the new design?

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