Sunday, September 6, 2015

Do You Need a Brain Break?

Brain Breaks!  We know our kiddos need them, but do you need one?  The answer is yes!  Thank goodness for this 3 day weekend!  I needed a break from school, not to get away from school, but to reflect on how it's going so far!  I completed Day 13 on Friday and haven't had a moment to breathe.

Good teaching takes reflection and, too often, we are so busy with planning "what's next," that we don't take the time to relect!   For example, I've been caught up with some behaviors this year.  While dealing with one or two students, I've allowed other students to "not quite read to self" but read with others.  It sounds small, but it will be the death of my Daily 5 classroom later!  Tuesday will be a much slower day for my students as we review and reinforce procedures.

Back to Brain Breaks!  You know your students need them!  They need them more often that we probably realize, too.  I've implemented a new procedure this year and my students are loving it!  Do you ever have those students that are "too cool" to participate in a brain break?  Yes, you know the ones!  Since using GoNoodle in my classroom, most of my students participate already simply because it's so engaging, but I still have my stinkers!  So I've implemented the GoNoodle Champ system.  I keep my eye out for a student that is doing a great job participating during our brain break and they become the GoNoodle Champ!  This means that they get to CHOOSE the next GoNoodle activity!  OMG!  They love this!

And let me tell you, we GoNoodle several times a day in our class, so we have lots of chances to be a GoNoodle Champ!

I have a GoNoodle lanyard that I picked up at the I Teach 1st Conference, but any lanyard will work.  I attach a badge holder to it and slide in one of these cards!  You can download this free.  Just click the picture!  Students wear the lanyard until they pass it to the next champ.  It's simple, engaging and keeps us all happy!

If you haven't signed up for GoNoodle, what are you waiting for?  It's FREE!

Sign up for GoNoodle!  Your students will thank you and you will love it!

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