PBL Series - Bats

I love Project Based Learning!  PBL is awesome, engaging, messy...and takes on a life of it's own! We started our Bat Project waaaaaaaaay back in October!  We are just now wrapping things up!  But, ya know what? That's okay!  My students are totally engaged and have learned so much! This project went so well for my kiddos this year, that I thought I would share the steps we went through for this project in a series of blog posts.  

Getting Started...
We started off this project with a simple question...Are bats helpful or harmful?  We completed this chart by adding our names to the chart indicating our answer.

After this little graph, we integrated some math with graphing the results!  

You can download these freebies by clicking the picture above!  

I'll be back with the next in this series in a few days!  Enjoy the crazy days before winter break!

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