Sunday, July 31, 2016

Getting Ready for the Best Year Ever!

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale!  I love the Back to School Sale!  My cart is overflowing with new resources for my classroom!  I absolutely love this time of year, even it is stressful and I can't sleep! :)

I've been creating lots of new things for my classroom and they are now uploaded in my store and on sale for you!  If you love using games to engage in your classroom, please check out these new resources!  Both include directions and cards for several games for group, partner and independent play! 

I've also updated and added some new math resources to start off the year! 

These 120's Puzzles are great for differentiating at Math Tubs.  These puzzles help students maneuver through the 120s chart and make sense of the patterns.  While your students are having fun writing on the puzzles with dry erase pens or crayons, they are practicing so many valuable math concepts (more than, less than, +1, -1, +10, -10, 

This summer I've been reading about the importance of subitizing with dice and ten frames.  This resource introduces students to various ways to "show" a number!  Students will learn to look at a group and recognize the number....they will learn to subitize!  But they won't know it!  They'll just have fun playing the games!

I also like to build in the 120s into my daily routine!  That's where these come in!
I've created "Fill-it-in" Charts for the year!  I think the changing themes keep it fresh and my kids love to come up and write in the answers!  These sets come with Math Tub activities to play, as well! 

I still have a couple of weeks to enjoy summer, so I'll probably head to the Dollar Spot or maybe check out Amazon to see what I absolutely need for my class!  Actually, I'll probably laminate some of my new puchases and try to get into my classroom!  I'm obsessed!

I hope you'll hop over to my store and see what I've got on sale for you!  

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