Friday, November 30, 2012


New Freebie Posted on TPT and TN!

Whew!  I'm so glad it's Friday!  This week seemed to fly by and my "to do" list grew daily!

We are in the middle of Parent Teacher Conferences at our school right now and are trying a different schedule.  We are doing all of our conferences on two days...Wednesday this week and Wednesday next week.  Why Wednesday?  Well, we have several families that like to take "long weekends" when we used to have conferences on Friday or the days prior to Thanksgiving.  Hoping to discourage this we did the "middle of the week" conference time.  So far, so good!  All of my parents have signed up to conference and all of my meetings this week went very well.  I really enjoy meeting with the parents and discussing students' progress, but it is EXHAUSTING at the same time!

One thing that always comes up during conferences is reading!  I start to really encourage the parents to support and encourage their CHILDREN to do the reading.  I have a great group of parents who do lots of read alouds, but it's time to build the independent reading risk takers!  So that got me to thinking about reading logs.  They are usually not very independent.  If we require first graders to  write the title, author, pages read, etc... we are making reading a chore or it becomes the parents who do the recording!  

Earlier this year, my teaching partners and myself came up with a better way! I've adapted our idea and created 3 holiday themed reading logs that encourage independence in a fun way.  The student reads 10 minutes and colors in a picture!  When they fill up the reading log, they can get a new one!  So far, my students love it and beg for more.  

I stayed after school until about 5:00 today and prepped for next week when our classroom elf will arrive!   Can't wait to see the excitement in my little "Froggies'" eyes!  Have I mentioned how much I love my class!  They are the sweetest group of six and seven year olds.

So since I'm a really happy teacher I made YOU some freebies!  Please leave comment and let me know what you think.

 I'm making more thematic reading logs for all the months and would love your feedback!

You can download my FREEBIE at Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers  !  



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