Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 2012

I am so excited to begin this new adventure of blogging!  I am inspired by those teachers that I have been learning from for so many years just by following their blogs!  I have had many questions answered and many ideas shared!  I like how as a profession, teachers are so willing to share with each other and help problem solve.  After all, it's for the children, right?

So, ready, set go!  A little about me...

First and foremost, I'm a busy mother to my 4 daughters.  My oldest is a senior this year and keeping me quite busy.  She is involved with Student Government and plays on the Varsity Volleyball team.  They are headed to Section Playoffs in a week!  We are also in the midst of college applications.  My youngest three are triplets and are in 7th grade this year.  Just the fact that they are the same age has its challenges and advantages! They also keep me quite busy.  We are at tutoring twice a week for A, gymnastics for C, and the bookstore for E.  I put quite a few miles on the car for living in a small community! I'm fortunate to work at a K-8 Charter school, so I get to have my girls with me for one more year after this.

I have been teaching First Grade at my current school for the last 13 years!  I love where I work, the students and families I  get to know and the people I work with.  My teaching partners in First Grade are amazing and we have a very cohesive working relationship which often overflows into our lives outside of school. It is these wonderful women that inspire me everyday!

So there you have it.   My first blog post.

Please check out my first freebie I've posted on TPT and Teacher's Notebook!


  1. Were these supposed to print out onto 3x5 photo paper? I cannot figure out how to print them onto cardstock. The print feature on the computer looks like it's set for normal 8x11 paper but the printer is asking for photo paper. Are the Christmas versions like this as well?

  2. You may have to adjust the printer settings on your computer. Make sure you have the latest acrobat (free download)! I went back and reloaded it to the sight just in case. Please try again and let me know. If you continue to have problems, I can email it to you! Thanks so much for giving it a try. My students had a lot of fun with it!