Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Freebie!

Over here on the West Coast, it's only 8:45!  So unfortunately, some of you may not see this freebie until tomorrow!  It will work all week long, so I hope you grab it!

I've been busy this weekend creating on my computer and having fun with my kiddos.  My hubby took my oldest daughter to her volleyball tournament for the weekend, which left me at home with my younger three girls!  We had a nice girls' weekend!  We fit in some shopping, a long walk in our wonderful city park, and a chick flick, Safe Haven!  It wasn't as good as the book, but are they ever?

I also played with my blog and redid the background and banner!  I made a new blog button, too.  What do you think?
I think these little froggies are so cute!  They look friendly, too!

I've created my newest product for my TPT store, Froggy's Fix-its!  I like using DOL, board bloopers, whatever you want to call it, with my students, so I thought I'd make it more appealing for them!  Since we are the Froggies, we now have Froggy's Fix-its!  I think they'll love the official title!

At my school, we integrate the curriculum as much as possible, so this freebie is in honor of President's Day.  I am also posting one to go with my current unit about Owls!  Check it out in my store!

Have a great's a short one!


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  2. Love the owl fix-it sentences! I added them to my TPT wishlist to buy sometime soon and have ready for next year. Great idea!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter