Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rainforest Field Trip

Two weeks ago we took a field trip to the rainforest!  Well, we couldn't really go to the rainforest so we did the best we could!  We have a hidden gem in our community:  The Barry R. Kirschner Foundation.   This wildlife sanctuary also serves as an educational park and research center.  It is home to numerous wild and exotic animals that for varying reasons are not able to be released into the wild.  It provides a great connection for the kiddos to see some of the amazing animals we have been learning about in class.

After an amazing and educational field trip on Wednesday of that week, we had a full morning Fire Safety Assembly on the following Thursday. It was well organized and a fun experience for the kids.  We had the fire safe house, summer water safety stations, poisons, park safety and a fire truck tour.  Unfortunately, the fire truck was called away twice, so we missed that station.  It was a great day!

What's the plan for next week!  I have to get ready for the end of the year report cards, and practice our end of the year play!  How do you get all of those assessments done while having a fun end of the year with your students.  I just want to have fun with them!


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