Sunday, September 15, 2013

Practice, Play and Read!

The Daily 5 is going so well in my class!  I'm loving the flexibility it gives me to work with individual students! I've started introducing lots of games and activities to my class that will help them learn their sight words!  These games and activities range from individual, group and partner play!  My students are asking to play these games and I love it!  They play which means they practice which means they are reading!!!!  They are once again the inspiration for another product.

I've included everything I use to run my Star Readers Program in this Practice, Play and Read Packet!

Each week I give my students 5 new words to work on at Word Work Tubs.  My kiddos add the 5 new words to their word rings, which stay in their reading baskets.

I simply cut off one column each week and the kids cut these apart, punch a hole (little fine motor workout :) ) and add them to the binder ring.

 During the week they will play Roll, Read and Write, several group and partner games, and at the end of the week, I'll assess them on the 5 words of the week.  After 4 lists, my kiddos will have practiced and played with 20 words! 

 After I assess them for fluency, they earn a star on one point of their Reading Star!  After filling up the Star, they move to the next 100 sight words and a second Reading Star.

I've used this method for several years now.  It is working!  I remember, years ago, I expected (the district/school expectations) my first graders to read the 1st 100 Dolch words by the end of First Grade! I've increased my expectations, and guess what?  The kids are meeting them!  Of course!  That's what children do, right?  They meet our expectations!  My students, varying classes over the past several years, are meeting my expectations and are reading 200 Dolch words by the end of First Grade.

If you want to have your students Practice, Play and Read, check it out here!

What are the expectations in your district? at your school? in your classroom?  

I'd love to read your comments!

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