Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up! and a Freebie!

I hope you have all had a great weekend!  My family and I went to visit my daughter in SF!  It was so good to see her.  The whole family drove down to SF and hung out.  We drove across the new Bay Bridge.  It really is pretty!  I didn't get to see it at night, unfortunately.  It's supposed to be beautiful all lit up!
I'm hopeful that this will help with travel time! (Yeah, right!)  The last two times we've visited, it has take us upwards of 5 hours to make a 3 hour trip.  Tonight we made it home in 3 1/2!  Woot!  Unfortunately SFSU Volleyball did not have a winning weekend.  But, the game we saw on Saturday night was awesome.  It came down to the last possible point in the 5th game!  Totally edge of your seat excitement!

All the while, the Facebook Frenzy was happening.  When I got back to my hotel room, I had to take some time to complete the Frenzy and download like a mad woman!  Wow, my students are so lucky!  They are going to have some awesome games to play and activities to discover in their math tubs and word work tubs!

My class kicked off our Green Team Unit last week!  I love teaching this unit because the kids have so much fun.  Last week we kicked off with Recycling!  Tomorrow we'll do a sorting relay to discover what can and can't be recycled.  Here's something I've just finished for my kids!  I wanted to practice sentence word order with them, and thought this would give them some good non-fiction practice as well.  Click the picture to check it out in my store.  I'd love your feedback!
If you haven't made it over to my Facebook Page for the Facebook Frenzy, it's not too late!  The Frenzy continues until tomorrow evening!  In celebration of all of my old and new followers, I'm making one of my fall products in my store FREE for you!  Head on over and grab it here!  This is an extra freebie just for you!

Have a great FIRST WEEK OF FALL!!!!

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