Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Have you ever had to move your classroom in the middle of the school year and set it up all over again...over the weekend?  Sounds crazy, huh?  Well, that's just what I did last weekend.  

What a difference a weekend makes!  I wish I had more pictures, but I am not great at remembering to snap pictures!  I am in a temporary classroom for the remainder of this year.  Next year I will be in a BE.A.U.TI.FUL NEW classroom! As long as I've been teaching, 18 years now, I've never had a new classroom!  I can't wait! Of course there will be some drawbacks, but I'm trying to be a glass half full kinda gal!  

For the past several weeks, I've been trying to pack up all of my stuff.  I separated out what could be boxed up and stored until the fall, what I could take to the dumpster and what I would need for the rest of the school year. 

Now for just a moment, close your eyes and think of everything in your classroom. Now picture what you could do without for the rest of the year!  Apparently, I think I need it all! 

The school was great and hired a moving company to move our boxes and furniture and even help set up the furniture...somewhat.  We were moved on Friday (Teacher Report Card Prep Day) and began teaching on Monday!  I was in my classroom all day Friday and Saturday making it great for kids.  


(...and this wasn't even the worst of it!)

and after!

This is a picture of my word work tubs and the front carpet area below the whiteboards.

This is a picture of my very small classroom library.  Most of my books are in boxes now.  Notice the boxes on the right with posters covering them!

I think it looks pretty good for temporary!  About 2 weeks ago, I sent home "Spotlight" posters with all of the students.  For the remaining weeks, we will spotlight 2 students each week and create the cutest keepsake for each (I'll post about that soon).

Of course the real reason was to have instant decorations on the empty walls of this new classroom! Shhh.  Don't tell the kiddso!

After I stacked boxes against the walls and arranged the furniture,  I hung the kids "Spotlight" posters on the boxes and around the room.   I think it turned out cute and camouflages the boxes!

I'll try to remember to take more pictures to show the transformation!  I have to say, I like having the carpet to absorb some sound.  My tile floors from the old classroom just seemed to amplify everything.

So the hardest adjustment is missing my teaching partners!  These ladies are the best!  That's me on the left, Kärin in the middle and Renee on the right!  Kärin and I have been teaching together since 2002 and Renee joined us in first grade in 2006.  We have had connecting classrooms during that time!  Now we are each in a temporary portable :(  At least we are all next to each other but it's not the same.  But I know we'll support each other and make it through!

More to come....Have a great week!

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