Saturday, June 28, 2014

Texas, Paris and Vegas! Oh my!

Susan has been in Texas the last couple of weeks, and I have been in Paris!  That's right, Paris, France!  What an amazing trip!  I saw more museums than I ever thought possible.  I walked more miles than I thought I ever would, and figured out the confusing metro map too!  My Eccos took me everywhere I needed and wanted to go!

You can read all about my adventures in Paris on my blog

Now on to the next big adventure - Vegas baby!  

Susan and I are so excited to be going to the I Teach First! conference in Vegas! It's just a week away and we are ready for some fun! Our great friend and co-first grade teacher, Renee Dooly from will be coming along too, so we are sure to have a great time!  We've got great sessions lined up at the conference, and big plans to have tons of grown up fun in the evenings!

Eccos in Vegas!  Here we come! 


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