Saturday, June 21, 2014

Texas Travels!

I'm a Summer reading during the summer, but during the year I can only fit in a few minutes each night before I fall asleep!  So I haven't even started reading the new Daily 5 book!  And you know what?  That's ok!  Because I finally read The Fault in our Stars!  It was sooooo great! My daughter has been bugging me to read this book for months.   I can't wait to go see the movie now...although I'm taking a box of kleenex with me!  I finished the book last night in our hotel.  When I finished, I went and woke my daughter up and gave her a hug.  She totally understood!

Okay, dry the eyes....on to something happy now.  We just got back from our overnight trip to Louisiana!  My girls all wanted to see where PaPa lived when he was a kid.  So we hopped on I10 and headed East! A few hours later we ended up in New Iberia, LA!  We took a tour of an old plantation home and had a blast...truly, it was so fun.
The Shadows - New Iberia, LA

Look at that beautiful tree!  I love the Spanish Moss!

My dad and I 

Then off to check in at our hotel and get some dinner.  We ate in Broussard at the "Hook and Boil"!  (Don't ya love that name?)

My dad and his crawfish!

We all enjoyed some yummy shrimp and crawfish etouffe.

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