Saturday, October 11, 2014

Daily 5 Success!

 I'm excited to report that my little firsties are doing it!  We're off to a great start with learning routines and building stamina with the Daily 5!  It has taken some organization and reorganization on my part and lots of practice! And the REALLY great news...we are also doing Daily MATH!!  I.CAN'T.BELIEVE.IT!

Here are some classroom pics of my kiddos in action!

Daily 5

Under a table or relaxing on the floor!  Read to Self is a favorite time for my kids!

Relaxing with a good book

Word Work is usually a hands on activity.  This is a cut and paste activity working with short "a" word families.  Of course I modeled how to do this type of worksheet with several "whole class" word work days.  But now they are working independently!  Woot!

Bummer!  I don't have pictures of Work on Writing. :(  It's going so well, too!  We started out with one whole class writing time.  Each day for the first 21 days of school, we wrote about one student...our "Cowpoke of the Day."  They loved writing about each other and learned how to draw detailed pictures and add details to their writing!  Now we are writing about our own chosen topics. 

Listen to Reading

Listen to Reading is iPad time in my class.  The kiddos each have their own accounts for Lexia Core 5 and Teach Me 1st.  They can choose either app to work on during their Listen to Reading time.  It's great skills reinforcement and I get to look at their progress with Lexia!  (Not to mention, that it is one silent and engaged little group!)

Read to Someone

Look at these little cuties sitting EEKK style!  LOVE.IT!  We are reading our anthology stories to our partners in addition to practicing our sight words and reading fluency cards!  This is such a great time for building confidence as a reader!

Daily Math 

Drumroll please......
I'm so excited to have introduced Daily Math into my classroom this year.

Each student has a Math Writing Notebook.  This is where we will do our Math Writing.  Currently we are practicing writing stories for ways to make 10.  The kids are really doing well with this and are writing some creative stories!  I try to make time each day for a few students to share their writing!  Below is a picture of an interactive page the kiddos completed for ways to make 10.   You can download this freebie here: Ways to Make 10 !

Our Math Writing Notebooks include some interactive activities.

We write about ways to make 10!

Math by Myself is usually an activity that has been taught in a small group.  This familar activity is then "tweaked" and shows up for Daily Math!  The kids love the roll and color activites. This is one of my Fall Scarecrow simple addition sheets!

Math by Myself
Right now, Math with Someone is a game or an activity that I teach in a small group.   I then place the games in my Math Drawers and the students can choose to play with a buddy during Math with Someone.  We are still working on our procedures, voice level, and stamina. :)

Whew!  That was a long post! 

Happy Weekend!  

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