Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tricks and Treats Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Tricks & Treats Blog Hop! 

I hope you will hop around and find some great tips (tricks) and TREATS!  I would like to share a management "Trick" with you today!  I usually wait to introduce this to my class once I can see that the "honeymoon" period might be over!  HA!  It gets them right back on track and monitoring their own behavior.  This week it just happens to be time!  :)

I don't use clip charts or have kids flip cards for behavior management.  In my experience that just singles out a child that is already seaking attention with negative behavior.  I prefer to use individual behavior charts for each child and give praise for the correct behaviors.  

If a child is on task, I recognize the desired behavior and "stamp" his/her chart.   The magic with this method is how contagious the desired behavior becomes!  Once I stamp a student's chart, suddenly his/her off task table mate is getting on task.  As I make my way around the room I make sure to go back to those students who corrected their behavior.  

Last year, my classroom theme was Reaching for the Stars.  These coordinated perfectly!

This is a sample of a desk chart.  I prefer to print and copy my own to save money and match my units of study, but these are available at most teacher supply stores for the fancy kind!  

This year my class has a western theme so I changed it up a bit! 
This is the cover that I slide into a clear view binder! 

What do the students get when they complete a stamp chart?  Now here's the best part!  (Aside from a harmonious classroom)  They choose "prizes" from the Buckaroo Behavior Reward catalog!  This is a binder I decorate and fill with pictures of the "priveleges" they can choose for a prize!  I don't spend any money on these prizes.  These are priveleges they get to have in the classroom.  

These are the pages that describe the a catalog!  You can choose to print these 81/2 X 11 or two to a page!

As you can see, these choices are pretty fun for the kiddos.  Bring a stuffed animal to school, share a toy, choose the p.e. game or GoNoodle game, etc.

An unintended benefit is I no longer have a "share" day for my students.  (Shhh, I don't actually enjoy sharing time.)  If they want to share, they can choose the "Show and Share" coupon and bring in anything their little hearts desire!  It's motivating and simple!

OK, so here is your TREAT!  These are Western Behavior Reward Coupons!  These are a smaller version with lots on a page.  These are great to use to get started with a positive reward system in your classroom. Download them now...FREE!   Enjoy!  I'd love to read your feedback!

And as a bonus treat, my entire store is on sale for 20% off!

Thanks for hopping and don't stop here!  Keep on hopping ahead for more Tricks and Treats!

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