Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fan Freebie!

I'm linking up with Teaching Blog Addict with a Freebie...a little late, but worth the wait!

Clip its!  These are easy to print and prep and keep my kids engaged with a variety of math practice!  I realized I haven't really blogged about this little jewel that I use in my math tubs!  So here goes!

This is the Valentine's version!  Student's clip the answer with clothespins. 

This version reinforces "part, part, whole."  

This student is clipping the answer and then will use the worksheet to record her work!
My kiddos are engaged and it helps with those fine motor muscles while practicing important concepts.  The idea is simple!  Solve the problem, find the answer, clip the answer!  I have coordinating worksheets if you choose to have your students turn in evidence, as well.  Sometimes I have my kiddos take a picture of their "work" with the iPad instead of completing the worksheet!  Just go to my Fan Freebies tab and check out my "Cat-with-a-hat" themed Clip-it's!

This freebie will give you a taste of this resource which I have available in a variety of themes!


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