Friday, April 3, 2015

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodlebugs Teaching for her Five for Friday!  We had a very busy week in First Grade this week and I've got lots to share!

Day at the Museum

We are getting ready for our "Day at the Museum" Exhibition, next week!  We've been working hard to learn everything we can about our country's symbols.  The exhibition is the culmination of our National Symbols Project!  I'm so excited for the kids to show off their hard work.  Their writing is improving so much and their art work is beautiful!  (I love kids artwork!)

Reader's Theaters!

I absolutely love bringing out the next batch of Reader's Theaters for Read to Someone time!  My kiddos have been working on the "Winter" set for a while and are ready to start reading to the Kinders and sharing how fluently they can read!  So I just took out the
"Spring" set by A Teeny Tiny Teacher!  If you haven't tried these, you really should!  These are the best at keeping my kiddos engaged and READING during Read to Someone time!  They love performing for the class and especially for the Kinders!

I introduced these great little books to my kiddos this week!  They love writing their own stories in these little blank books from Molly at Lucky to Be in First !  This is part of her Grab Bag product, which is TOTALLY a great deal!!!!  I have to admit, my students were getting a little lazy at work on writing!  These little books brought my kiddos back to life!  I'm getting all kinds of cute stories again!

What does the Shape say?

We started our shapes unit this week, too!  I love this unit so much since finding this product by last year!  I was so excited to bring it out again this year and use it with the kids.  

April Fool's Day!

This was such a fun day for my kiddos!  They came into class with all sorts of little pranks to pull.  I had so many "near heart attacks" from the spiders and leprechauns that were supposedly hiding from me or right behind me!   So cute.  Well, I got them good with the "brown e" prank!  I wrote the agenda with them in the morning and purposely put "make brown e's" on the agenda!  Not one of them questioned my spelling!  Then throughout the day, I pronounced it "brown e's" with an intentional pause between the /n/ and /e/!  They still didn't catch on.  After recess we gathered before entering the classroom and I explained that everything they would need to make their "brown e's" would be on their desks.  Just walk in and get started!  

SILENCE!  CONFUSION! and yet my little listeners went with it and started cutting out the brown construction paper e's!   I totally went with it for about 30 seconds until one of my littles was beside herself.  She was sad, mad, furious, disappointed and confused all in the short span of 30 seconds.  So I ran to get the brownie bites I had purchased and announced, "April Fools!"  They were so cute, and relieved!  

I really enjoyed reflecting on my week!  I love this little group!  

Happy Easter!


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