Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rainforest Math and a Chance to Win!

I'm getting ready for our big end of the year Rainforest unit!  I love ending the year with this unit!  The kiddos are so engaged in doing research about animals and of course practicing lines for our end of the year play!  I'll post more about this later, but I am getting everything ready for math tubs and word work so thought I would share with you!

I love having the continuous practice in my math tubs for 10 more, 10 less.  I want this to become second nature for my students.  I still have a few that are using their fingers!!!! So this is going in my math tubs for sure! 

 These are pictures from my Valentine set, since we haven't started Rainforest yet! :)

I love this set for playing "Scoot", too!  I've included assorted number cards themed with rainforest animals and recording sheets to play this class favorite!  Anything that gets them moving and out of their seats is a bonus!  I love "scoot" for this reason!

 I also included my solve and color worksheets featuring Rainforest Animals!  There are three different animals featured!  My kids love these!

I also have some balanced equations worksheets for the tubs.  These are great for my kiddos.  They seem simple for this point in the year, but "balancing" both sides of the equals sign is tricky!
I let my students use this scale to help them SEE if the equation is really "balanced".  This concrete activity really seems to help them!
This scale is great because you take the blue pieces and put one on each number of the equation.  This "adds" them together.  I create an "=" sign on a post it note and stick that to the red piece.  Then the kiddos can see if it is balanced on both sides!  Love this!

This set is perfect for math tubs!  This practices sums to 20 and includes a cut and glue worksheet!  I've also included the solve and color rainforest animals in this set!

Now, your chance to win one of these sets!

If you study the Rainforest or Zoo Animals at the end of the year, these would be a great addition for students!  

Leave a comment below for a chance to win one set...your choice!  I'll pick three winners on Thursday!  Good luck!

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