Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Science Fun!

Hands on fun is the way to keep our students engaged, right?  Well, it works for everyone, (preK - adult) don't ya think?  So my poor daughters have not been very engaged in science this entire freshman year of high school, until now!  Why?  Well, when you just teach from the text book and don't provide hands on experiences for your students, ESPECIALLY. IN. SCIENCE., your students are UNENGAGED!  UGH!  So now with only 9 days of school left, my girls were given the option to do some extra credit...they don't even need the points and they jumped all over it!  Why?  Because they get to do actual hands on experiments and demonstrate them to the class.

Now, why am I sharing this tirade with you?  I had so much fun helping daughter #3 with her experiment...making  bouncy balls from a few ingredients.  I'd forgotten all about this and now want to include this in my plans with my firsties!  My daughters' school gets out a week before me so, I thought it would fun to have them come in and teach my students!

Here's a link for making your own bouncy balls!  I hope you'll add this to some end of the year "hands on fun" for your students!

If you do this fun activity with your students, download this Freebie to use for a follow up writing activity!

Have a fun end of the year with your students!

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