Thursday, January 21, 2016

Project Based Learning in the Classroom

PBL in the Classroom
Today we sorted "polar animals" by Arctic and Antarctic polar animals.  After doing this is a class, we sorted pictures in groups, as well.  This chart will hang on our board during this unit as a reference for the students.

The focus of this project is on animal adaptations!  So today we read one of my favorite books, What If You Had Animal Feet!? by Sandra Markle.  If you haven't read this, you have to!  It's a  book of wonderings of what it would be like to have various animal feet!  

After reading, we of course had to make life size polar bear feet (12 inches) and complete the frame, "If I had polar bear feet, I_________".  
"If I had polar bear feet, I would jump in the water and catch fish."

"If I had polar bear feet, I would swim fast."

I love this cute display of their writing! 

 I'll be back tomorrow with some cute pictures of an integrated polar themed art lesson!

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