Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine Math Plans!

This is a four day week for me!  Woohoo!

 I have plans to celebrate with my class on Thursday this week!  I love the excitement in First Grade on Valentine's Day!  

Until Thursday, though, I've got to keep them focused and working hard!  We are continuing with Builder's Club this week...writing our numbers to 120!  I'm so proud of how great they are doing!  Aren't they cute wearing their little hats!  I've been teaching my students how to build their numbers this way since Math Their Way!  It is so hands on and makes place value so much more concrete for little learners!

Here are my Math Centers for later this week!  After working on building numbers, my early finishers (or those that need a break from all that hard work) can play some fun games at Math tubs!

Fill it ins!

These are FUN!  Roll the number, write it down!  Then fill in the mat! Partners have fun together or students can play independently!

Clip its! 

These are easy to print and prep and keep my kids engaged with a variety of math practice! 
My kiddos are engaged and it helps with those fine motor muscles while practicing important concepts.  The idea is simple! Solve the problem, find the answer, clip the answer!  I made coordinating worksheets, also!

These are on sale this week!  Easy to print and use this week!

If you would like to take a look, click the picture above!

Have a great week with your kiddos!  

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