Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Desk Fairy flew in for a visit..

So my post today is funny! Maybe, it's one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I think all of my teacher friends will appreciate it.  I have the most wonderful little class this year.  I truly do love them all.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have some challenges, but don't we always have some challenges?  

One of my favorite incentives for my class (I'm big on incentives!) is a visit from the Desk Fairy when a student's desk is neat and organized.  I got this idea from Pinterest, of course, and found Christina Bainbridge's cute freebie  for Deskerella.  Deskerella only visits about once a week, but it sure does help with those messy desks.  You never know when she may be in town, so you have to be ready. 

When Deskerella is making a visit, my daughters usually help me out in the morning (it keeps them busy while I get ready fo the day) by looking for neat desks.  My youngest daughter, loves to write a note to the class from Deskerella on the white board.  It's written very small (fairy writing).

I always have to make sure certain kids get a "visit" or it will send them into a tail spin for the day, and I'm not going there.  One such kiddo is  a wonderful little guy who has autism.  He is one of my little cuties that really needs to have Deskerella visit.  He gets so excited.  On rare occasions, his desk hasn't been the neatest, and my harsh judges (daughters) have passed him by.  It really starts off the day on the wrong foot, so now, I quickly neaten up his desk and then he gets a card!   Well, he has taken to writing messages on the white board to express his feelings.  This is one from our latest visit from Deskerella: 
I love it!

(And here is the funny part.....)

He isn't as happy with our Adopt-a-Grandparent Volunteer:

Translation:  Why is she here every day?  (Mad face)
Luckily, she doesn't know what the note on the board was about....I don't think she even saw it!

Here is another love note for the desk fairy 
from another student, promising to neaten her desk for next time!

I hope you enjoyed this little post!  Be sure and check out the desk fairy cards!  She can really work wonders for teaching organization!


  1. The "Desk Fairy" used to come visit my classroom quite often too. It works wonders!! So cute!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. What adorable little notes! "Why is she here everyday?" Priceless!
    And I love that your daughters are the desk fairies:)

    Teaching in Progress