Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm having a Sale!

I have had a very long day!  It was a great day, but a long one!  My oldest daughter is in a play this week so we will have 3 evening performances in a row.  I had an IEP meeting after school and I had to arrange rides for my own kids to their activities.  (Juggling is always fun!)

As for the IEP, I love this student.  This IEP just made me want to work harder to find ways to help him, but I know that I will get to school and realize that I have 20 others that need me too.  I wish I could give them all so much more.  I want more minutes in my day and a full time aide!  Is that too much to ask for?  Really?

Anyway, I feel like we all need a sale to help us get through the rest of this week!  Visit my TpT store for 20% off everything now through Friday!  Please remember to leave feedback!  Thanks!

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