Monday, April 29, 2013

The Froggy Express

The Froggy Express is in full swing in First Grade!  This is one of my favorite times of year with my Firsties!  Each year, our First Grade runs the school post office, delivering mail to and from all of our students and staff Pre-K-8!  It is no small undertaking!  This is our "social action" project for our school.  The Firsties deliver the mail and provide a "reprieve" from the "agony" of state testing for the older students.

All of the students and staff look forward to the Froggy Express Post Office.  A few years ago a parent donated an old mailbox and our awesome plant manager painted it for us last year.  It comes out of storage once a year and signals the opening of the post office.  All of our students know this is the one and only place to mail a letter at our school!  During recess, there is usually a line!

There are certain rules of course!  Students must use their best penmanship.  Each letter must have at least three sentences and one should be a question so they get a response!  There is a special format for addressing must be followed or it will be "Returned to Sender"!    Here are my little mail carriers going out on their route!

Off to sleep, now!  

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