Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Best Day Ever!

So this is what every teacher wants to hear!  My kiddos were so cute on Friday, telling me it was the best day ever!  I guess so!  We had a very wormy "Worm Day!"

We made "Worm Dirt Cups" (yum), "Worm Buddies", "Worm Anatomy Book Covers" and colored a cute worm book!  Yep!  Best day ever!

So, this unit started with a trip to the worm farm to learn about worms from Farmer Mark!  Then we came back to class and explored up close.   We measured our worms and described how they look, feel, smell and sound!  We used parts from Renee Dooly's great Earth Day Resource!
This is a wonderful resource and I love her stuff!  You have to check out her store, if you haven't already!
Worm book coloring station!
We measured our worms!
We made worm buddies!

We drew the worm anatomy!
After we explored our worms and measured them, we put them to work in our garden!  We had a wonderful parent who donated these great worm boxes to our garden!  They are awesome for school because they have a plexi glass viewing pane!  These were the first worms to live's their brand new house!

So I guess it really was the Best Day Ever!  Especially for our worm friends!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Susan! I love those worm boxes & have thought about doing that at my school - did you or your school buy that worm house or did a parent make it? Do you take care of the worms? There's probably not much to do other than make sure it's a wet environment, right? I know my kids would LOVE this so any tips you can share would be great! Thank you!!

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