Sunday, January 12, 2014


I think I say this every time we change units, but THIS.ONE.IS.MY.FAVORITE!  I absolutely love penguins!  This is what makes our profession the best...we get to teach what we are passionate about and share that with little ones!  If I'm excited about what I'm teaching, they'll be excited, too!

Last week I introduced our unit a little differently than I have in the past.  I'm using this unit to also introduce mapping.  We discussed the North Pole vs. the South Pole and what makes a continent vs. an ice cap.  
Our Anchor Chart
We watched this great video on vimeo...

I love Dudley Moore as"Spin" the Earth.  He is entertaining for the adults watching, as well as the kiddos!  I learned a lot along the way!  We actually broke the video up into two days of viewing, so we could digest all of the information!  We watched and learned about the North Pole on day 1 and the South Pole on day 2 and completed our anchor chart each day as well!   I liked introducing it this way! We will be able to refer back to this Anchor Chart as we study the other continents in our upcoming units.

Next week we will jump right in to our Penguin Unit with a literature study featuring my favorite little penguin, Tacky!   I have lots of fun activities to use in my centers this week!
This is my newest bundle which features four of my center packs for the price of three!

Check back later this week for updates from the Antarctic Adventures of Room 4!

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