Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Assessments

Well, we just received the results from our AIMS web assessments.  We administered the Nonsense Word Fluency test (NWF), Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, and the reading passage assessments.  My students did great on the reading passages but not so hot on the NWF!  Does that happen to your kiddos?  It's usually my highest readers that score the lowest on NWF.  Go figure!

We formed our new intervention groups and are set to go for next week!!

I went ahead and created a couple of games to play with my kids that really need the practice with nonsense words!  If they look like something you could use, I'd appreciate some feedback!  I'm trying to come up with some fun ways to encourage practice!

And then for my little froggies that need to work on sight words (I have a couple that are still on the first 20), I have this little game ready to go!  I'm lucky to have parent volunteers that come in daily.  I'll set them up with this little game for my kiddos to play.  Hopefully we'll be moving on to the next 20 soon...they are receiving extra RTI services!

That's it for today!  Happy Friday!!!!!

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