Monday, February 10, 2014

Bee in my Bonnet?

I am exhausted when I come home from school...and I'm sure most of you can relate!  So, that leads me to the bee in my bonnet...I don't know what happened, but I came home today and did the following:

1.  Made my girls a healthy smoothie with my new Vitamix!

2.  Made HOMEMADE from scratch (Not a Costco bag!) for our spaghetti dinner!

3.  Browned and seasoned the meat from tomorrow's Taco Salad!

4.  Then my daughter, Emily helped make pepperoni rolls!  Yum!

Ok, I'm not trying to brag, but that is quite a list for me!  I'm usually too tired to lift a finger after a day with my Firsties!  I did have two absences today, but they were my "role models" so go figure!

We did get to make our life size penguins today!
First, we measured our penguin's heights with linker cubes!

Second, did a directed draw!

Third, we painted our cute little creations!  Final project pictures coming soon!
That was fun for the kiddos!  But, now I have two that were absent...what do you do about that?  Ugh! That's a lot of one on one to get those kiddos caught up!

What do you do about student absences?  Do you have kiddos complete all of the missed work and projects?

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