Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm so excited to be enjoying a restful 4 day weekend!  That's right...4 days!  Thank you President Lincoln and Thank you President Washington!

I really need this weekend, too!  There is so much going on at head is spinning.  I'll give you a little background...way back in 2008, our school was awarded 8.4 million dollars in Prop 1D funding!  In the state of California that means we got lots of money to finally build the school of our dreams.  As a charter school, we had to take residence in commercial buildings or the district left overs.  So needless to say we were thrilled.  Well, a mere 6 years later we are finally seeing this dream begin to take shape.

What does this mean for me?  Well, I have to pack and have my entire classroom moved by March 7 and ready to teach in by March 10!  Hmmm.  Panicked much?

So I have been packing and teaching and going a bit crazy!

This last week we finished up our penguin unit and began learning about our former presidents who we are honoring with this four day weekend.

Beginning, Middle and End with Tacky the Penguin!

Cute Tacky Craftivity!



Our life size Chinstrap and Rockhopper penguins!

Penguin identification station!  The kiddos had so much fun testing their skills!

And then we began learning about Abe!

 I love this craftivity!  We do this every year with our little firsties!  Of course we learn lots of facts about our 16th president, too!

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Have a great weekend!  Have fun!

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