Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teacher Open House

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a Teacher Open House at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!  It was a fantastic experience!  Luckily, I attended with my teaching team which made it even more fun.

This was a real life Night at the Museum!  We arrived just after closing and stored our sleeping bags and overnight bags.  Then we had full run of the aquarium!  At 10:00 we set up our "beds" and then changed into jammies and went to the auditorium.

We watched an amazing documentary on the 501st sea otter rescued by the aquarium staff.  The movie, "Otter 501", provided a fasinating look at the amazing sea otter.  I learned so many new things about this amazing animal.

You know how when you go to a museum, aquarium or amusement park and you're surrounded by people?  Well, that was the best part of the experience!  I truly experienced the aquarium.  I read the signs, stayed at the exhibits as long as I wanted, took pictures,  and didn't have to worry about anyone else!  It was magical!

My favorite little birds (penguins) had to go to sleep early, so I didn't get to see them the first night.  But, we were able to get a re-entry stamp for the next day.  After stowing our bags in the car, we re-entered and went straight to the penguins!  Unfortunately, there were other people...but not too many :-)  I felt really spoiled at that point.  But we did get to see the cute little black footed penguin.

This little girl was hatched at the aquarium.  She is still young and played with me through the glass!  Highlight of my trip! 

We used instagram while at the aquarium.  If you want to look at more pictures from our experience, you can click on my instagram button in the left side bar or search #mbaqed for participant pictures from the weekend.

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