Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guess where I've been?

I'm back in the saddle...almost!  We have been under construction since the middle of last year, and now all the displacement and moving is paying off.  Our new school is wonderful!  It is gorgeous and it is a 21st Century Green classroom!  It has skylights that let in so much light, I don't even need to turn on the lights.  The thermostat adjusts itself based on the body heat and movement in the's wild.

The new classroom doesn't have as much storage as the old one, but that's ok.  I'm taking the opportunity to PURGE again.  I purged for the first move and I purged before summer and I'm purging big time now.  I don't want to bring anything ugly into the room just to store my junk.  If I haven't used it in a year, then I really don't need it.  The only thing I won't get rid of is books!

The school ordered two book shelves which should be here right before or after school starts.  I already have one in the room that is cool and has deep shelves and some display shelves too.  I also just got my Donors Choose project funded for a big book storage cart and large book display shelf for my thematic books.  I'm stoked!  I can't wait for it to be all set up!

I'm going in again tomorrow to tackle organizing my craft supplies...YIKES!  Then we have Tuesday and Wednesday to work some more before meetings start on Thursday!

When I'm not able to be in the classroom, I'm doing everything I can at home to get ready!  I've numbered supplies and am packing the pencil boxes!  This year they are getting a western themed eraser and pencil included in the pencil box.  This will get them excited about our "Got Grit?" schoolwide theme!  I'll tie a bow around it for their back to school gift!

And let's not forgot that teachers are parents, too!  I have four girls starting new school years, too.  We have always taken our first day of school picture, of course.  This year, my Sophomore in college drove home the day before her sisters' first day of high school to "pose" a first day picture!  (Her idea! :)  I love that it was that important to her.  She helped pick out the first day outfits and gave good advice to her sisters!  The next day we took another.  I love these girls and the young women they are becoming.  They love each other and are kind, good people!  I'm a lucky mom for sure!  It's been nice to have an extra long summer this year.  I've been able to be there for them as they start high school.  It's been great to be home and hear about their days.  I hope they are still excited to talk about their day when I get home later than them.  
And don't worry...they really are happy in the picture...even Ally in the middle!

And just a reminder that even highschoolers are still daughter can't give up on summer.  She's constantly practicing gymnastics and enjoying the sunshine!

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