Sunday, August 3, 2014

No More Behavior Clip Charts!

As I'm getting ready to head back to the classroom, I'm giving some thought to classroom management.  I don't use "Behavior Clip Charts"!  I see many shared on pinterest and blogs, so I know lots of teachers continue to use this for behavior management.  I didn't find much success with them when I used to use them years and years ago.  It always felt negative!  I am truly all about the positive!  I love to catch kids doing what they should be doing and going above and beyond.  So, I wanted to share what has worked for me the past few years, and I plan to use it again this year.

It's all about the positive!

Individual incentives for positive behavior in the form of reward coupons.  This system has helped my students become more responsible and aware of their own behavior, and no one is singled out for misbehaving!  Everyone has a chart on his/her desk.  It is not a competition.  It is not displayed for all to see.

The coupons are good for such things as lunch in the classroom, taking your shoes off in the classroom, special supplies, and other very simple, no cost rewards!  I'm telling y'all it works!  I fell in love with the idea of offering "no cost" rewards to my kiddos for positive behavior.  These "extrinsic" rewards encourage my students without being "junk" from the prize box.  And it seems to be a great way to tranisition kids away from physical prizes.

After some tweaking over the past few years, here is what I have found works for me.  (Of course, I haven't met my new students yet, so I hope it will work for them!)

Each student gets an incentive chart on his/her desk!  The chart will look something like this, but I like to change them up for our themes.

As the teacher, I hold the stamp.  I found some Crayola markers that had cute stamp images on the tips. These are great for carrying in my pocket as I walk around the room.  
Whenever I see a student off task, I simply find several students on task and stamp their charts.  I make sure and give lots of verbal praise.  Other students hear this praise and get right back on task.  I wait a bit and then catch those kiddos who are now on task.  Once a student completes a chart he/she gets to choose a prize from our catalog!

After filling up the chart, in this case 10 stamps, the student earns a trip to the prize catalog!  Now you'll see why I LOVE this!  Everything is free!  I don't have a prize box or treasure chest!  My kiddos don't miss it either!  They love the novelty of these reward coupons!  

So my fabulous teaching / blogging buddy, Käri, created these awesome coupons for our Western Theme this year!  I'm so excited to use these! 

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